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“Nothing had ever worked until I started out with Breakthrough Personal Fitness and Nutrition, but 26 pounds later, I finally found someone who cared, supported and truly helped me understand what I needed to lose weight.” 


“I’ve been working out with Mark at Breakthrough Fitness for a little over a year now. When I walked through those doors to meet him, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was already a little apprehensive about the entire situation; I was at an all time high for my weight, I had just had two lower back surgeries including a back fusion, and honestly just wasn’t comfortable in my own skin any more. I had been in so much pain going through surgery and then recovery for over 2 years, I didn’t know what I could do or if I would ever feel normal again. Mark won me over at our first consultation meeting and then every session after that. I needed a place to work out at where I felt comfortable and could openly ask questions. I didn’t want to feel judged and I didn’t even know what I was capable of any more. I had been looking for a trainer for awhile, but none of them seemed concerned about me as a person. I needed someone was concerned about my health and my back; I couldn’t risk any further set-backs in my health nor could I just be another ‘number’. I didn’t want to accept the limitations that were put on me. I was told I could never play volleyball again. I wouldn’t be able to lift more than 30 lbs. Being only 25 at the time, I didn’t feel like I was even living the life I was supposed to be living. Mark was my wake up call. He helped me get on track with working out and helped me realize it’s not only about burning calories but watching what calories you’re eating also. He helped me realize I could break through the walls that had been put up and the obstacles that were in my way by working at things slowly. I’m no longer the timid little girl I was when I first walked in at Breakthrough. I have confidence in myself (I used to be afraid of wearing shorts in public because of what people would think, but not anymore). I am back to playing volleyball. I’ve lost 55 lbs and that is only the start! I have motivation and ambition again, and when I lose it during those tough times, Mark helps me find it again. Mark helped me start my lifestyle change and find who I was again; he’s always at my side, whether I need a trainer, cheerleader, or comedian during my session. He’s the constant support that has never dwindled away in the past year through my highs and lows. Breakthrough has helped me succeed in countless ways I never would have imagined possible a year ago."


Mark knows my physical abilities better than I do. He has helped me prepare for, as well as recover from two surgeries. The last one being a total knee replacement. I had three months of physical therapy before returning to Just Breakthrough and feel most of my progress has been because of Mark. He is patient, knowledgeable, and most of all has a great sense of humor. My recommendation is to get started. You will enjoy feeling and being healthier. And the compliments you'll receive aren't so bad either!


“Today after my workout I felt so proud of myself. When I started three months ago I could barely do one push-up. Now I can do 15 solid like a guy. I am able to do one pull-up and reverse pull-ups for ten seconds. I can box and kickbox the bag for five solid minutes! My legs are so much stronger that my horseback riding has improved significantly to where my instructor feels I can compete and win. I feel good and am flooded with comments every day.  It feels so spectacular to work so hard and see results. Thank you Mark!"



Not sure if Just Breakthrough Personal Fitness is right for you?

Read what some of our satisfied clients have to say:

" I have been working with Mark Wilde at Just Breakthrough for several years.  Mark is a great trainer, totally focused on my workout. The facility is excellent and with no distractions from others I highly recommend Mark

What I like about Just BreakThrough is they only do personal training.  The facility is very well equipped and constantly upgrading to new equipment.  Since they only do personal training, there is no competition for equipment, and no distractions from other people.  Mark Wilde is very knowledgeable, and he is totally focused on my workout and progress.  I have been going to Mark for over 3 years, and plan to continue."


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